Burglar steals £25,000 of jewellery from widow

The stolen solid gold Boucheron watch
The stolen solid gold Boucheron watch
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A HEARTBROKEN widow has told how a burglar sneaked into her home and took £25,000 worth of jewellery that also meant a great deal to her sentimentally.

The 78-year-old made the awful discovery just weeks after her husband of 53 years died.

His expensive and specially-made unique solid gold Boucheron watch, pictured, was stolen.

It had been given to him during his 19 years of work at Christian Dior.

The watch had his name inscribed on the back along with his years of service.

Speaking anonymously to The News, his widow said she fears it has been melted down.

The stolen gold St Christopher medallion

The stolen gold St Christopher medallion

She said: ‘It’s come when I’ve just lost my husband and the awful part is they must have come in the lounge.

‘We had a memory tree out where everyone put out what they remember him by.

‘There was his order of service here but they must have thought “he’s dead, he mustn’t want the jewellery”.’

She added: ‘I’m coping with two shocks.’

There was his order of service in the house but they must have thought “he’s dead, he mustn’t want the jewellery”

Burglary victim

She found the items were missing as she returned home to her home in Norman Court, Craneswater Park, Southsea, on Monday.

The woman had started to photograph her jewellery for insurance cover but when she came back to continue doing so she found all of it was gone.

Her husband’s £1,070 signet ring was also stolen.

His wife said: ‘I’ve been wearing his wedding ring since he died, I took it off and somebody pinched it.’

The items were taken on Friday, the day of the burglary between 2.20pm and 7.30pm.

Together the items are worth around £25,000.

Nothing in the house was disturbed but paint shavings were found at the door.

Also taken was:

n A Tissot watch with white face and black leather strap.

n A gold St Christopher medallion with an inscription on the back.

n Nine rings, including the gold bloodstone signet ring.

The victim added: ‘I’ve just lost my husband on June 2, he was cremated on June 22.

‘I was just getting myself together, came home on July 3, went out at 2.30pm and back at 7.30pm.

‘I was photographing my jewellery to take it down to the jewellers in Palmerston Road for insurance purposes.

‘When I got home I got the box out and it had all gone.

She added the burglar had to go through a pile of her husband’s clothes to find the jewellery, some of which was kept in a Tissot watch box.

Anyone with information should call investigating officer PC Kerry Snuggs on 101.