Burglar steals gold and silver jewellery from Gosport home

Hampshire police urge residents to ‘ACT’ on terrorism suspicions

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POLICE are looking for witnesses after three burglaries in the Gosport area.

In the first – a home in Kingston Road – was burgled sometime between Tuesday and Thursday.

A ground-floor window was forced open in the raid and a search was carried out.

Several pieces of jewellery were taken, including:

n Ladies’ gold Citizen wrist watch;

n Yellow gold oval shaped loop earrings;

n S-shaped yellow gold nugget on a gold chain;

n Links of London silver neck chain and bracelet;

n Yellow gold wedding band with swirl pattern around it;

n Yellow gold engagement ring with large central diamond and smaller diamonds;

n Swarovski silver bracelet with Swarovski crystals;

n Yellow gold bracelet with alternate diamond and red stones;

n Gold watch chain with a cross on the end.

In the second burglary, someone smashed a window at the back of a house in Western Way, Alverstoke.

It happened between 6.45pm and 11.45pm on Tuesday, but the attempt failed and nothing was stolen. The third incident happened on Tuesday in Foster Road at around 7.30pm.

Raiders stole gold and silver jewellery from a home including a silver chain with a Tiffany heart, a silver christening bracelet with charms on it and small gold St Christopher.

Hampshire Constabulary were unable to confirm if the three burglaries were linked.