Burglar threw ‘irreplaceable’ engagement ring down a drain after Portsmouth raid

A CALLOUS burglar threw an irreplaceable engagement ring down a drain after she was unable to think of where to sell it.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 12:18 pm

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how Victoria Diaz walked in through the back door at a home in London Avenue, North End.

Prosecutor Daniel Sawyer told how 45-year-old Diaz, who is already serving a jail sentence at HMP Bronzefield for burglary, took £100 and the ring while the homeowner’s husband was in bed.

He said: ‘When his wife came home, and this was at about 5.30 in the morning, she heard the kitchen back door close.

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Victoria Diaz was jailed for burglary at Portsmouth Crown Court
Victoria Diaz was jailed for burglary at Portsmouth Crown Court

‘When her husband went to leave the house to go to work later that morning, his wife discovered that her engagement ring.’

The woman, who was not named in court, said: ‘I have wonderful memories connected with this ring and a replacement will not feel the same.

‘I hope to recover our lost ring and memories.’

She added she was scared and did not sleep very well, and had considered moving home.

But in court Mr Sawyer revealed the ring had been thrown away. He said: ‘Miss Diaz spoke to the police and admitted carrying out the burglary.

‘She needed money she owed to somebody, stole cash and the ring and threw the ring down the drain because she didn’t know where she could sell it.’

The court heard Diaz was subject to a three-year minimum sentence as she had three burglary convictions.

But she was handed a 14-month jail sentence as she was serving a 24-month term for a burglary carried out on the same night as the one in London Avenue.

Diaz, of no fixed address, had admitted this to police on the day she was sentenced in October.

Her lawyer Howard Barrington-Clark argued it would be ‘unjust’ to impose a three-year term.

Judge Roger Hetherington said it was ‘unlikely (the engagement ring burglary) would have added much to the overall sentence’ in October.

He jailed her for 14 months concurrent to the term she is serving, so her release date remains in November this year.

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