‘Burglars could have given me heart attack’

ANGRY Colin 'Jake' Jacobs was burgled while he slept in his chair at home in Gosport. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (132302-4)
ANGRY Colin 'Jake' Jacobs was burgled while he slept in his chair at home in Gosport. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (132302-4)
Police are looking for information after the incident. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

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A DISABLED pensioner fears he could have had a heart attack if he had woken up during a burglary.

Colin ‘Jake’ Jacobs has a heart condition and sleep apnoea.

The 66-year-old was in his armchair with the front door ajar when the thieves entered.

His sleep apnoea means he falls asleep without warning for up to 50 minutes each time, almost every day.

The retired baker also has an enlarged heart and a hole in his heart, and has suffered a mild heart attack before.

Mr Jacobs fell asleep at 5pm on Wednesday, August 14, before two men entered his home between then and 5.50pm.

The pair stole a Samsung laptop worth £300, a Huawei dongle, a packet of cigarettes and a pair of glasses.

Mr Jacobs was sleeping no more than a metre away from the table with the items on it.

He said: ‘What did annoy me was that I was only sitting in my chair. Because I’ve got heart problems, if I had woken up half-way through, I wonder what would have happened.

‘It might have frightened them. It might have frightened me to the point I could have had another heart attack.

‘It really could have triggered something.’

Mr Jacobs, of Willow Place, in Gosport, was expecting a visitor when he left his door ajar open last week.

He has now fitted a door chain to increase his security.

Sleep apnoea, which causes difficult breathing while sleeping, leaves him tired and prone to falling asleep.

‘It’s like going into a coma, you could land a jumbo jet in here and I wouldn’t notice,’ he added.

‘The door wasn’t locked, it was only five yards away.

‘My next-door neighbour saw them and he heard them say my name and walk in.’

Investigating officer Detective Constable Tara Magnus is appealing for information and warned people to keep doors and windows locked.

She said: ‘Were you in the area? Have you been offered the stolen property?’

Call Det Con Magnus at Fareham police station with any information on 101.