Burglars may have been after information

Hampshire police urge residents to ‘ACT’ on terrorism suspicions

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TWO laptops and £1,000 in cash were stolen in a raid on a taxi office.

The owners of 626 Cars, in West Street, Havant, discovered they had been burgled when they arrived to find the window panel in the front door had been smashed.

Inside, the office had been turned over but only the cash and computers had been taken despite there being other high-value items there.

Owner Steve Knight said: ‘The only reason I can think for them not taking anything else is that they were after something on the laptops.

‘There was a brand new set of golf clubs, a metal detector and a data heads for the taxis that were left.

‘But we would never be stupid enough to leave anything sensitive on the laptops.

‘And now we have doubled the security here.

‘We are hopeful the culprits will be caught because the police say DNA has been left behind.’

Anyone with information should call Havant police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.