Burglars raid home of widowed father and his disabled sons

DEVASTATED Kevin Vick with his two disabled sons, Sean, left, and Adam. Their home in Buckland has been burgled
DEVASTATED Kevin Vick with his two disabled sons, Sean, left, and Adam. Their home in Buckland has been burgled
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BURGLARS ransacked the home of a widower and his two disabled sons and left them with nothing.

Kevin Vick, 46 has felt unable to sleep in his own bedroom since the raid.

Burglars broke into the house in Seymour Close, Buckland, while Mr Vick was out shopping and his sons Adam, 24, and Sean, 22, who both have physical and mental disabilities, were with carers.

They left with a 52-inch plasma TV from the living room, a TV and DVD player from each of the sons’ rooms, a phone, digital camera, DVDs and computer games in a haul worth up to £15,000.

They also stole jewellery belonging to Mr Vick’s late wife Sue, who died of cancer three years ago, and her grandfather’s treasured war medals.

And during the raid, the intruders threw items, including clothing which belonged to Mrs Vick, across the floor.

Mr Vick said: ‘I just wanted to roll up and die there and then when I saw what had happened.

‘They took everything and what they couldn’t take they destroyed.

‘It took me years to save up for all that stuff, I’m never going to be able to replace it.

‘My bedroom door was smashed up and they had emptied my wife’s drawers.

‘All her clothes and underwear were flung all over the place, and so was all my paperwork, including her death certificates, our passports and driving licences.

‘I feel like our house has been violated.

‘How do I even begin to tell the boys that?’

Adam and Sean both suffer from a mental illness which doctors have been unable to diagnose, are deaf and have very restricted speech.

They each visit a day centre a couple of days a week and Sean also attends a lifestyle course to teach him how to deal with everyday situations, such as making a slice of toast.

Mr Vick added: ‘I had to send the boys over to their nan’s and they haven’t been home since.

‘Coming home to that was devastating for me let alone the boys, I couldn’t let them see our house like that.

‘The worst thing is that the thieves targeted us – they must’ve been watching the house and waiting for me to go out and the boys just can’t get their head around how someone could’ve taken their stuff from them.’

Police are appealing for witnesses to the burglary which happened between 6.30pm and 8.30pm on Thursday, February 24.

Anyone with any information should contact Detective Constable David Higgins at Fratton police station on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Informants do not have to give a name and they may qualify for a cash reward.