Burglars steal former Royal Marine’s medals from his Portsmouth home

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A ROYAL Marines veteran is devastated after a burglar stole service medals from his house.

Michael Williams, 51, arrived home on Monday after work to find that someone had broken in.

Michael Williams

Michael Williams

Mr Williams, who lives in Sennen Place, Port Solent, said he was shocked to find his medals had been taken.

He said: ‘At first I couldn’t understand how they got in because the front door was closed.

‘But when I got up to the bedroom, there was stuff all over the floor and my heart was beating, I was really disappointed.’

The stolen medals were for service in the Falklands, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Bosnia and the first Gulf War.

He also had medals for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and serving with Nato as well as a long service and good conduct medal.

Electrical equipment was also stolen, including a new silver Macbook laptop worth £1,300 and older Macbook worth £150. A £550 iPad, an £80 camera and a bluetooth device worth £130 were taken as well.

Mr Williams, who lives alone, said he couldn’t understand how the thieves could act so brazenly.

He said the medals had a lot more sentimental value to him that what they were worth to thieves through re-sale.

‘I feel that they don’t realise or have any feelings for the victim – it’s as if they just don’t care,’ he said.

‘A few medals don’t mean much to them but it makes a massive difference to the person they’re taken from.’

Mr Williams said the break-in happened between 7.15am and 5pm.

He said: ‘They forced the front door with some type of tool which didn’t break the lock.

‘When they came into the house they must have gone straight to the bedroom because nothing else seemed to be disturbed. That must be how they work, just go to the bedroom and grab whatever they can carry.’

Originally from Cardiff, Mr Williams left the Royal Marines after 22 years of service in 2003.

He worked as a communications specialist and finished his military career with the rank of sergeant.

Mr Williams now works for a private firm providing satellites communications for military vehicles.

Police have asked for anyone with information to call PC Kevin Burnand at Fratton Police Station on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.