Burglars, thieves and thugs hunted in police most wanted appeal

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BURGLARS who broke into a maritime club and a man who stole a pensioner’s purse are among the area’s most wanted.

Crimestoppers is hunting for the thieves and The News is asking readers to support its Most Wanted campaign.

Among the most wanted are thieves, burglars, men who assaulted a taxi driver and three men accused of stealing £485 of alcohol from Sainsbury’s Broadcut, in Fareham

The numbers here relate to the pictures on this page:

1 In Portsmouth, police are hunting for two men who forced their way into the Portsmouth Royal Maritime Club.

It happened just after midnight on November 10 when the men broke into a locked bar in a closed function room at the venue in Queen Street, Portsea. Quote police reference: CS1511-13389 and 44150390634.

2 A man spotted on CCTV after 16 Acer computer tablets were stolen from Priory School in Fawcett Road, Southsea, on December 2. Reference: CS1512-13461 and 44150419400.

3 In Oakwood Road, Hilsea, two bikes and a handheld CB radio were stolen from a garage after the door was forced and damaged. 
 Another garage was broken into in the same street and a bike taken.

It happened on October 24 in Hilsea. CS1511-13386 and 44150369723.

4 In Sainsbury’s Broadcut, Fareham, staff had spotted a large gap in the alcohol shelves on October 2.

When they checked CCTV footage it showed three men filling bags with Jack Daniels, Moet champagne and Bollinger.

The men left without attempting to pay for the £485 worth of goods. CS1511-13385 and 44150343116

5 In Havant, a man and woman are being hunted after she was sick in the taxi.

They had been picked up in Osborn Road, Havant. The woman was sick and the driver pulled over.

The pair refused to pay for clean-up and when the driver called police the man assaulted him knocking the phone from his hand.

It happened in Rodney Road. References 44150217997 and CS1507-12853.

6 In Gosport a man is being hunted after an elderly lady had her purse taken on a bench in Aldi, Harbour Road.

It happened on August 26. When the pensioner realised she had left it she went back to get it. She asked a man and a woman standing by the bench if they had seen it – they said no but CCTV showed them picking up the purse with £250 in cash.

References: CS1509-13011 and 44150295895.

Call 0800 555 111 or 101. A Crimestoppers spokesman said: ‘Following on from the Most Wanted campaign we ran in November we are pleased that The News is continuing the momentum by running a Christmas Most Wanted appeal.

‘A lot of the individuals on our online gallery are unknown, so we hope that with help from the readers of this publication, we can support police in identifying who they are.’