Call for motorists to slow down for farming machinery

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DRIVERS are being urged to be more patient during the harvest season.

The National Farmers’ Union, based in Petersfield, is urging motorists to be patient when driving behind slow-moving farm machinery.

Laurence Matthews, chairman of the NFU south east crops board, said: ‘Harvest only happens once a year, so please be patient if you find you are driving behind a slow-moving tractor, a combine harvester or a cultivator.

‘Farmers are working around the clock to deliver your daily bread and to produce food for livestock.

‘Straight after harvest we need to move equipment that will be used to till the land and sow crops for the coming year too.’

He added: ‘It’s a question of give and take on the roads right now.

‘The NFU is also reminding its farmer members to check their mirrors frequently and to pull over if they see a queue building up behind them.’