‘Callous’ Gosport thief took cash meant to pay mum’s care home

Tracey Vulgar
Tracey Vulgar
Waverley Road. Picture: Google Maps

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A WOMAN stole thousands meant for her 90-year-old mum’s care home place and living costs, a court heard.

Tracey Vulgar was meant to pay for her mother’s accommodation and give her a £25-a-week personal allowance after being put in charge of her finances.

But instead the 49-year-old used £6,120 of her mum’s money to top up her income from benefits.

The care home had to buy birthday, Christmas and even Mother’s Day presents for Vulgar’s mum.

Mum-of-two Vulgar did not visit her mother from July last year until she was arrested nine months later, while Hampshire County Council stepped in to pay for her care.

Now she has been given a 12-month suspended sentence and a 16-week curfew after she admitted fraud.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Vulgar’s mother was in hospital for three months after suffering a stroke, and on being discharged went into a care home.

Vulgar obtained power of attorney which put her in charge of her mum’s finances.

She was meant to pay £715 a month to the care home as well as the personal allowance, but she stopped paying.

Prosecutor Daniel Sayer said the care home tried to arrange appointments with Vulgar to discuss the issue, to no avail.

When a meeting was eventually held months later it was found that her mum’s bank account contained about £700 instead of about £9,000 that should have been in there.

Mr Sawyer said: ‘Not only were the care home fees not being paid, the personal allowance that goes directly to her mother for spending money was not going through.

‘The defendant did not go to see her mother in the care home – I make it clear that’s not an offence – from July 2013 through until the statement was made in April 2014.

‘The care home had to buy Christmas, birthday and Mother’s Day presents for the victim because none had been bought by the defendant.

‘The care home was having to buy things like toiletries and pay for haircuts because there was simply no money coming through that would normally be spent on these expenses.’

In Vulgar’s defence the court heard she has no previous convictions, suffers from long-term condition fibromyalgia which causes pain and that she is the sole carer for her two daughters.

Addressing Vulgar, of Gilbert Close, Gosport, Judge Peter Dixon Crabtree said: ‘Your behaviour towards your mother was to callously expose her to harm.’