Car owners hit by continued vandalism attacks

Kirsty's smashed wing mirror
Kirsty's smashed wing mirror
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Car owners have told of their despair after continued mindless attacks by vandals in Portsmouth.

Motorists have been left with big repair bills after a string of incidents, many involving wing mirrors being smashed on parked vehicles.

Police have regularly issued appeals for information after wrecking sprees, such as an attack on cars in Southsea.

Now scores more have told of their own incidents after reader Kirsty Fly Shbaz voiced a message of frustration on our Facebook page.

She sent a picture of a smashed wing mirror on her car, saying: ‘I went to my car this morning on Highland Road to find my car wing mirror completed trashed on the pavement side.

‘I parked the car at 11.15pm last night and it was like this at 10am this morning. What is happening to our town?! So sad people behave like this.’

Her experience struck a chord with scores more, who also posted messages on our Facebook page.

Victoria Charlotte said: ‘My car is in the garage tomorrow being repaired because I had a wing mirror smashed off. So annoying and such an inconvenience. Mine was my driver side mirror and was parked with that side to the pavement. I live in Fratton.’

Andrew ‘Barney’ Barnard said: ‘It happened to my old car when I lived on Clarendon Road, It was parked in an area that’s rarely quiet but overnight someone had clearly had a right go, The wing mirror was hanging and the casing was other side of the car in middle of the road.’

Hospital worker Scott Bruce told how his vehicle was repeatedly attacked while he was at work.

‘I used to park in the Paulsgrove/Cosham area when I worked at QA. On a number of occasions I returned to my car to find my wing mirror lying in the road or on the pavement. Such a shame that people think this is acceptable.’

Martyn Tank Grist said: ‘I work in a garage just off Albert Road I must have 10 a week in where this has happen most of them I can repair but some are too bad and need replacing.’

Lawrence Craddock said it was not just walk-by damage that was a problem. ‘Someone crashed their car into mine on Saturday night while it was parked in Port Solent causing £1,200 damage.’

And Oli Williams added: ‘I’ve had this happen twice to me. Such a petty crime, funny for them but really not for us car owners, my wing mirror replacements cost in excess of £90!’

*Has your vehicle been attacked? What would you like to see done to tackle the problem? Comment on this story or at our Facebook page.