Care home worker punched dementia patient in his bed at Fareham nursing home

A CARER punched a frail 82-year-old dementia patient after seeing he had wet himself, saying: '˜I don't get paid enough'.

Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 9:07 am
Updated Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 9:09 am
Lynette Brayley was found guilty of neglecting a dementia patient

Trusted Lynette Brayley, 57, was supposed to be looking after John Willis at Ranvilles Nursing Home in Fareham.

But Brayley, of Johns Road, Fareham, went into his room and swore, complaining after pulling back his bed sheets and seeing he had wet himself.

Fellow carer Kayleigh Gerrard told a jury that the pensioner became frustrated and angry, reaching out for Brayley, who then punched the pensioner twice.

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‘Lynette has turned around facing John, lifted up the cover and her words were “look at what we’ve got to deal with” because he was soaking wet,’ Ms Gerrard told jurors.

She added: ‘I could feel the tense atmosphere.’

Ms Gerrard said the patient – who suffers from Lewy Body dementia – reached out to Brayley.

Brayley then said: ‘I don’t get paid enough to be hit and beaten’, before punching Mr Willis, Ms Gerrard said.

She added: ‘The first punch was hard.

‘She had a full fist and punched it straight into his chest.

‘He got frustrated, even more he was angry.

‘He was trying to grab her arm, his legs were coming up and she said something I don’t recall but then punched him again in the same place and used quite some force to push him so that the bed moved back up against the wall.’

Brayley, who has 22 years of experience as a carer, denied it and was put on trial at Portsmouth Crown Court.

In her police interview she said she loved her job and vigorously denied she had hit Mr Willis on July 10 last year.

‘There was no reason for me to manhandle him, punch him, any aggression,’ she said.

Ms Gerrard, the only person who saw the incident, said it happened at 7.30am but admitted she did not tell home management until about 6.30pm.

No bruises or marks were seen on Mr Willis’ body by care home staff.

Jurors were told how Mr Willis needs round-the-clock care and could only communicate by facial expressions.

He has previously gone to bite and kick staff due to his condition.

Matthew Lawson, prosecuting, said: ‘It’s a serious condition greatly affecting Mr Willis’ cognitive abilities, his understanding and communication and required full assistance with his daily living needs.’

He cannot sit up unaided, needs help washing, eating, dressing and needs two carers to move him from his bed.

Mr Lawson added: ‘When the two of them entered the room and Mr Brayley pulled back the bed clothes she found he had wet himself.

‘Mrs Brayley then became aggressive toward Mr Willis, saying “look at this” and this caused Mr Willis to become upset and angry and he responded by punching and kicking out at Ms Gerrard.

‘Ms Gerrard had pulled Mr Wills’ bed out from the wall to allow her and Brayley to go both sides.

‘Ms Gerrard got clothes for Mr Willis while Mrs Brayley ran some hot water to wash him.

‘However when Mrs Brayley tried to push Mr Willis to get him to turn over, this upset Mr Willis and led to him turn to punch at Mrs Brayley.

‘Mrs Brayley, instead of walking away, instead of trying to calm the incident down, she responded by punching Mr Willis in the chest.

‘He tried to punch back at which Mrs Brayley hit Mr Willis a second time, pushing her fist into his chest with such force that the bed on wheels was pushed back against the wall.’

Edward Hollingsworth, defending for Brayley, suggested to Ms Gerrard the incident did not happen but she denied this. Jurors unanimously found Brayley guilty of ill-treating or neglecting Mr Willis while his carer and knowing or believing he lacked mental capacity.

She is due to be sentenced next month.