Carer who took cash from elderly woman faces jail

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A CARER has admitted stealing hundreds of pounds from an elderly lady with mental health problems who she was supposed to be looking after.

Ana Lourenco has been warned she faces going to jail for the offence after a judge said it was ‘about as low as you can get’.

The 32-year-old took an envelope containing £580 from the home of Sheila Thompson.

Lourenco had gone to the 76-year-old’s home in Portsmouth to look after her in April last year. When she arrived Lourenco found the envelope full of money which had been posted through the door by Mrs Thompson’s son-in-law.

She pocketed it and when Mrs Thompson asked her where it was Lourenco denied knowing anything about it.

When Mrs Thompson’s family called the carer she still maintained she had not touched the money.

The police were called and the money was found in the boot of Lourenco’s car later that day.

A note, which was with the money, had been shredded and was also in the car.

Lourenco, of High Street, Fareham, was due to stand trial for theft but she changed her plea to guilty at the last minute at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Judge Richard Price adjourned the case for a report to be carried out on Lourenco before she is sentenced next month.

He told her: ‘In the meantime you can continue on bail. You can keep your liberty for now but I want to make this very plain indeed, this was a mean, mean offence. To steal from a 76-year-old lady who has got mental health issues, it’s about as low as you can get. The very, very strong likelihood is that you will receive an immediate custodial sentence.’