Case of missing Gosport toddler reaches Westminster

FAMILY Natasha Lee and sister Katrice
FAMILY Natasha Lee and sister Katrice
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MPs will today debate the disappearance of a Gosport toddler 31 years ago in Germany.

Katrice Lee went missing from the army base where her father was stationed and her family believe mistakes were made in the search for the two-year-old.

Her sister Natasha Lee has requested her case files be released to them so an independent review can be carried out but the MOD has always refused.

A request to discuss the matter direct with Prime Minister David Camera was also turned down.

Miss Lee said: ‘It’s taken us nearly 31 years to get here so we are persistent.’

She went on, ‘My dad was a serving soldier in the British armed forces, prepared to die for queen and country. I know that sounds quite dramatic but that’s exactly how it was.

‘It’s about time Katrice’s case was heard.’

Miss Lee said the family has a ‘major problem’ with the MOD who, she claims, has stood in their way as they’ve tried to shed light on what happened to Katrice. Her family, she says, have been victims of ‘political ping pong’.

‘It’s extremely frustration, distressing, that we as a family are constantly fighting,’ she said. ‘Every time we get so far we hit a massive brick wall.’

Natasha believes her sister was taken by a family who could not have children and hopes she has grown up happily.