Cat loses eye in airgun horror

Alex Swift 23 of Gosport with his cat Spiffy ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150462-1)
Alex Swift 23 of Gosport with his cat Spiffy ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150462-1)
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A CAT had an eye removed after it was shot with an airgun in a second attack on a cat in the same area.

Upset Alex Swift, 23, told of his horror as his much-loved family tabby Spiffy climbed in through his bedroom window covered in blood.

The 10-year-old cat was rushed to the vets where medics shockingly found a pellet in his eye.

Alex, of Westcroft Road, Brockhurst, Gosport, told The News the ginger cat came in through the window and fell down.

He said: ‘I put my hand down to pet him and it was wet – he had blood on his tail.

‘He turned toward me and his eye was just gone. I couldn’t see it – it was just a mess.

‘He had blood down his body and chest.

‘He was shaking and acting really strangely.’ Alex had to call for help to get Spiffy to Alver Veterinary Group in Forton Road, as his family was out in Uppark in West Sussex.

The vet put him on a drip before finding the pellet in his right eye.

His mother Steph, 56, was devastated at the injury to her family pet of 10 years.

She said: ‘I want to put the fear of God into the person who did it.

‘It was pretty gross for Alex – that was bad enough to know Spiffy was so badly damaged.

‘To think that someone went out and did it deliberately, it’s soul-shaking, it’s disturbing.

‘It’s not the money, the cat is a family pet, the kids have grown up with him, he’s always been around.’ Steph has reported the shooting, which happened on Friday around 3.20pm, to the police.

It comes after another cat – living in a home in adjoining Southcroft Road – was shot with an airgun on October 23.

Yogi, an 18-month-old mixed-colour harlequin, was put to sleep by a vet after she shattered a leg.

Jill Grindrod, 50, believes her beloved pet fell from a fence after being shot – vets found a pellet lodged in the cat’s left side.

Jill said: ‘I don’t know if it’s just kids messing about or someone who’s got a vendetta against cats. My poor cat walked in, she couldn’t put her back leg down and she’d shattered it.

‘We took the decision to put her to sleep. They’re just poor defenceless little animals.’

Police were informed.