Christmas Eve affair revelation ‘led to stabbing’

Marc Lindsey's wife Laura Lindsey leaving Winchester Crown Court on Tuesday after giving evidence.''Picture: Sarah Standing (131583-8714)
Marc Lindsey's wife Laura Lindsey leaving Winchester Crown Court on Tuesday after giving evidence.''Picture: Sarah Standing (131583-8714)
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THE woman at the centre of a love triangle that ended with her husband allegedly killing her lover on Christmas Eve told a court that her marriage had been ‘volatile’ for many years.

Marc Lindsey is standing trial at Winchester Crown Court for the murder of his friend Eddie Vials at Lindsey’s home in Hill Park Road, Gosport.

The prosecution says that Mr Vials was stabbed once in the chest by Lindsey as the pair wrestled just inside the home’s front door after he came round to see his lover.

The supermarket worker’s wife, Laura Lindsey, had been having a secret affair with Mr Vials, but as the couple rowed at their home on December 24 last year, the relationship was brought into the open.

Mr Vials, 47, and his wife Brigit Vials had been friends with the Lindseys for several years, but from 9.50pm to 11.25pm on December 24, numerous text messages and phone calls were exchanged between the four which revealed the relationship.

Giving evidence, Mrs Lindsey, said: ‘I struggled with my feelings for Eddie. I was friends with Brigit and I thought a lot of her and I didn’t want to cause any grief between them.’

Mrs Lindsey said she had initially denied the affair when confronted by her husband, but eventually admitted it, and said: ‘I did tell Marc that I loved Eddie.’

After the affair was revealed, Mr Vials told Mrs Lindsey that he was coming round to Hill Park Road.

But she says she told him to stay away and Marc was also telling her that she didn’t want him to come around.

When asked by prosecutor Robert Davies why she thought Mr Vials was coming round, she replied: ‘Because the whole affair had come out and he knew about me and Marc and that Marc possibly wouldn’t take it well.’

She added: ‘Our relationship has been volatile for many years.’

Mrs Lindsey said that her husband had a kitchen knife in his back pocket when he opened the door to Mr Vials at about 11.30pm.

The pair soon began fighting, which ended in seconds with Mr Vials being stabbed in the heart.

Mrs Lindsey dialled 999 as Lindsey began trying to save his friend’s life on the front lawn.

PC Benjamin Light was the first officer on the scene. In his evidence, he said that shortly after he arrived, Mr Lindsey beckoned him over and told him: “‘It was me, I did it. Arrest me.” He gestured to me to handcuff him by putting his hands out in front of him.’

Wife of victim made accusations of his violent past

THE wife of murder victim Eddie Vials told the court that she made up vile accusations about her husband to Marc Lindsey, because she was ‘angry’

Brigit Vials, giving evidence behind a screen, admitted she had also been having an affair with a man named only as Jason.

But when Mr Vials’ affair with Laura Lindsey came to light on December 24, she called the defendant and told him that Mr Vials had raped her three times.

She said: ‘I just wanted to get my own back at Eddie, that’s all it was. I was just angry.’

She made further accusations of physical abuse, and said that Lindsey remained calm on the phone, but replied: ‘I could kill him.’