Clearing Fratton police station of ‘biting insects’ cost £4,090

Fratton police station
Fratton police station
  • Station was shut for four days during pest control work
  • Cost of fumigators revealed under Freedom of Information
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MORE than £4,000 was spent fumigating a police station which had an infestation of insects.

Fratton station in Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth, was closed for four days last October following a report that fleas or something similar had been found.

The soft furnishings were disposed of and the subsequent visit by the pest controller found no fleas or any other biting insects

Spokeswoman for Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner

An inspection report obtained by The News under the Freedom of Information Act reveals pest control found bugs on a first visit but none in follow-up check.

The work cost £4,090, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire said.

A spokeswoman for PCC Simon Hayes said: ‘There was an infestation of biting insects, although they were probably not fleas, which was likely in the soft furnishings rather than the carpets.

‘The soft furnishings were disposed of and the subsequent visit by the pest controller found no fleas or any other biting insects.

‘There’s no way to confirm the source of the infestation.’

A response from Mr Hayes’ office at the time suggested it was possible someone took a pet to the station.

In a statement last year a spokeswoman said: ‘This infestation could only have happened because an animal has entered the building.’

All 203 officers and 65 staff had to work elsewhere.

Fratton station houses investigative staff and officers from Portsmouth, Gosport, Havant and Fareham following the moving of CID teams.

Cannon Pest Control carried out the work.

In a report dated October 10 the firm said: ‘Job visit carried out at site for reports of biting insects.

‘Cannon Pest Control treated high risk areas with access problems yesterday as requested by facilities management and at the same time a site survey was carried out.

‘Cannon technicians x 2 have returned to site today to carry out a complete spray treatment with an insecticide residue of the entire building, all areas have been treated as surveyed yesterday as a precautionary measure against biting insects.’

A follow up report on October 19 said: ‘All monitoring equipment was checked as required, no catches were recorded.’