Cocktail of drugs blamed for death of 32-year-old

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AN INQUEST into the death of a 32-year-old man found he died from a taking a cocktail drugs.

James West was found in his flat by police officers after a neighbour alerted the authorities.

A toxicology report identified several drugs in Mr West’s body including Tramadol, drugs for anxiety, hypertension and schizophrenia and amphetamines. The mixture of drugs was fatal and was deemed the cause of death by David Horsley, coroner for Portsmouth.

The inquest at Portsmouth Guildhall heard a report from PC Sam Warne, Mr West’s GP and a pathologist.

In his report, PC Warne said: ‘Mr West had an argument with his neighbour about cigarettes.

‘It was after this dispute that he locked himself in his flat with a Please Do Not Disturb sign.

‘The ambulance service was notified about Mr West and called the police after they couldn’t get access to his flat.’

When searching his flat, the police found a number of prescribed medication.

The same medication was found in a toxicology report.

After hearing the reports, Mr Horsley recorded a verdict that Mr West, who lived in Warnford Close, Gosport, died due to taking a series of drugs.

He said: ‘There is no evidence in the police report or the pathologists report that someone else was involved.

‘He had a lifetime of being involved in drugs and suffering from mental illnesses.

‘The levels of Tramadol in his body were fatal and this, along with the other therapeutic medication, was enough to cause his central nervous system to shut down.

‘There was no indication it was on purpose so I can’t say it was suicide.

‘The high levels of Tramadol with the other medication made for a lethal cocktail.’

Mr West’s mother and her husband attended the inquest but did not wish to comment to The News.