Cosham stabbing: Boy, 17, named as he is detained for assaulting 21-year-old in Portsmouth

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A TEENAGE boy ‘forcefully’ stabbed a Royal Navy recruit hopeful four times with a knife he had just used to carve a love heart in a tree with his girlfriend.

Jack Harvey was sentenced to a two-year detention order by a judge who was told one of the blows fractured the victim’s pelvis in the fight, which was witnessed by a five-year-old.

A knife thought to have been used by 17-year-old Jack Harvey who was sentenced to a two-year detention and training order for stabbing a man four times in Portsmouth.

A knife thought to have been used by 17-year-old Jack Harvey who was sentenced to a two-year detention and training order for stabbing a man four times in Portsmouth.

The 17-year-old, from the Havant area, can be named after The News challenged a defence bid to impose an order banning his identification.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard a fight broke out in Spur Road, Cosham on January 20 with the defendant and victim George Whiteaway at around 4.30pm.

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Sentencing, Recorder Charles Morrison said: ‘During that fight you accept that you produced a knife and you stabbed Mr Whiteaway, and you stabbed him four times.

‘In pleading guilty to the offence you have given the basis of plea in which you accept that to produce a knife and to stab Mr Whiteaway in these circumstances was excessive, if it was in any sense self-defence, it was excessive.

‘Whatever the circumstances, the facts I have to deal with: you had a knife in your possession no matter what you say about being in the woods carving your name.’

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He said the blade, which was not recovered but thought to be the same photographed in a Snapchat message, had a ‘serious blade to it’ and added: ‘Rather than it ending in the traditional fashion with blows and punches this fight ended with very grievous injuries to the victim as a result of you producing a knife and stabbing him four times.’

Conflicting evidence was given to the police about who started the fight from Harvey’s girlfriend and the victim.

Mr Whiteaway, 21, admitted spitting in the defendant’s face, prosecutor Nick Tucker said. Both men had each other in headlocks, the court heard.

‘He spat in the defendant’s face’

Mr Tucker said: ‘He accepts that he spat in the defendant’s face. He said that he did that in order to encourage him to back off. 

‘The defendant responded by saying “are you serious mate?” and produced a flick knife.’

Seconds later Harvey stabbed Mr Whiteaway four times, before running off. 

The victim was left with a 0.5cm cut to the left flank, a cut to his left elbow, a 3-4cm cut to his right buttock, and then another 2cm cut with such force it fractured his pelvis. He spent four nights in hospital.

‘Scars a constant reminder’

Scars are a ‘constant reminder’ of what happened. The victim spent four weeks without going out, and he had to push back his application to join the navy, the court heard.

An independent witness said Harvey looked like a ‘deer in the headlights’ when he stepped back having stabbed Mr Whiteaway.

Harvey fled before sending a Snapchat message to his girlfriend that said: ‘Are you okay, is he okay? I know what I did was wrong but if I didn’t do it I could be dead. I’m glad I’m alive. It felt like a life or death situation.’

‘Bright young man who had a future ahead’

Philip Allman, defending, said Harvey, who has no previous convictions, is a ‘bright young man’  who has ‘a good future, but for this, available’. 

He said detaining Harvey, who wanted to become a forensic scientist, would ‘serve no real proper purpose’, and expose him to more criminally-hardened children.

Harvey, who admitted possession of a knife and wounding with intent, had penned a letter to the judge and was remorseful, Mr Allman added. 

The judge ordered press cannot publish Harvey’s full address over fears of reprisals at his family home.