Couples first met through children’s football club

Laura Lindsey
Laura Lindsey
M27. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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BEFORE the events of late last year, the Lindseys and the Vials had been close friends.

Marc and Laura Lindsey, pictured, first met Eddie and Bridgit Vials at a Halloween party for members of Gosport Borough Football Club at the Lindseys’ home. Both couples had children who played for the club.

They regularly socialised together, and giving evidence, Lindsey said: ‘Me and Eddie got on quite well, but we weren’t as close as Bridgit and Laura.’

Lindsey told how he first had suspicions about a relationship between Mr Vials and his wife last summer.

But on December 15 last year, the four had been out for dinner before going on to a pub. At the pub, the court heard how Mrs Lindsey suggested that Mr Vials should go outside for a cigarette, and she joined him.

Lindsey told the court it was strange because his wife doesn’t smoke.

That night the Lindseys had a huge row which ended with Mrs Lindsey throwing a chair and leaving the house. Lindsey admitted that the marriage had been stormy from the start, but things got worse after 2004 when he had an affair while his wife was pregnant.

Mr Vials was not the only person cheating in his marriage either. Mrs Vials was having an affair with a man named in court only as Jason.