In the Courts '“ latest update

n Stephen Wilson, 37, of Hawkley Close, Havant, admitted using a Ford Transit when both front tyres were under pressure and rear tyres were under legal tread depth, which meant its use involved a danger of injury to any person. Wilson also admitted driving without insurance and an MoT.

He was caught at McDonalds in Larchwood Avenue, Bedhampton.

In all he was fined £600 with a £40 victim surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.

Magistrates imposed eight points on his licence but did not ban him as his brother and family would suffer ‘exceptional hardship’.

n Mike Brigham, 33, of Park Parade, Havant, admitted coercive control against a woman between December 29, 2015, and August 10, 2017.

He isolated her from her family, controlled what clothes she wore and was physically abusive.

Magistrates jailed him for 18 weeks with a restraining order banning him from contacting her for a year.

He also admitted two charges of assault by beating on August 10, and between February 11 and August 11.

n Annmarie McLaren, 43, of Barnes Road, Fratton, was found guilty of assault by beating. She assaulted a woman on November 19, 2016, in Portsmouth.

Magistrates ordered her to pay £200 compensation.

She must complete 80 hours of unpaid work and 10 days of rehabilitation activities. She must pay an £85 victim surcharge and £200 prosecution costs.

Melanie Pocock, 31, of Brockhurst Road, Gosport, admitted five shopliftings in April, May, July and August,

Magistrates imposed a six-month sentence suspended for a year.

She received no separate penalty after failing to turn up at court twice.

n Steven Church 43, of Cairo Terrace, Buckland, admitted assaulting a PC on August 13.

He must pay £150 compensation with a £30 victim surcharge.

Church also admitted assaulting two PCSOs on the same day. He must pay £150 compensation to each.

Church admitted failing to turn up at court but received no penalty.

n Benjamin Easen-Thomas, 33, of Firgrove Lane, Wickham, admitted taking a vehicle without consent on July 9.

He was fined £90 and another £50 after admitting failing to surrender to custody.

A previous suspended sentence for driving, theft and assaults was not activated.