‘Coward’ who broke elderly neighbour’s arm sent to jail

‘A ‘COWARD’ who sent a neighbour ‘flying’ after punching her so hard she splattered against a wall – causing her arm to bend out of place as it broke – had to be woken-up as he was sent to jail.

By Steve Deeks
Saturday, 2nd February 2019, 8:59 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 10:06 pm
Terry Parkes
Terry Parkes

Nuisance neighbour Terry Parkes, 34, was slumped with his head in his lap while in the dock before he was told he would be spending the next 32 months behind bars after his campaign on terror on frail 63-year-old Morag Fisher.

Bully Parkes, of Deerhurst Crescent, Paulsgrove, but who often stayed with his partner Charlene Polhill at her accomodation in the shared block at Ringwood House in Havant, ganged up on their helpless victim over a period of years before things erupted in ugly fashion last August.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how crack cocaine addict Parkes and his girlfriend brought misery to their neighbours. ‘They were a thorough nuisance to neighbours and would play loud music, throw rubbish and glass bottles and even dropped a fridge freezer by the victim’s apartment,’ prosecutor Martin Boothe said.

Terry Parkes

Events spiralled out of control around midday on August 21 when the victim, who was in bed feeling unwell, heard a loud bang, which turned out to be Parkes kicking her door. As she went to investigate and knock on the door of another resident, Parkes suddenly set upon her.

‘He came out of his flat and threw beer in her face and eyes, which really stung,’ Mr Boothe said. ‘She was left dripping wet but managed to get inside her flat and call the police.’

When police turned up, Parkes and his girlfriend, who were inside their flat, refused to come out.

But with Parkes now ‘on notice’ that his nemesis had called the police, events turned nasty a while later as Ms Fisher attempted to go out – which involved walking past the flat where Parkes was staying.

The court heard how Parkes, goaded by Ms Polhill, launched a scathing torrent of abuse at the victim. ‘Parkes came out of the flat and then with a clenched fist he suddenly punched the victim in the face causing her to fly across the corridor and hit the wall where she slid down,’ Mr Boothe said.

‘As she attempted to brace her fall, she put her arm out. It was left at a funny angle and broken in two places. She was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital.’

Neighbours, who witnessed the attack, said Ms Fisher was constantly ‘picked on’ before the beating. After she was punched and left on the floor, one said: ‘They were taking the mickey out of her arm and he went to kick her but made no contact, before saying “I would do it again”.’

Ms Fisher was left in plaster for six weeks and was left living in fear. ‘I have to pass their door every day and always feel anxious,’ she said.

In defence, Sam Barker, described Parkes as ‘someone who has fallen off the bottom in an attempt to help’ him after a wealth of theft, dishonesty and battery offences.

With his client’s head now slumped in his lap, Mr Barker added: ‘As you can see he even struggles to sit through a short hearing. It’s not out of discourtesy.’

Judge Roger Hetherington said: ‘It was a repeated assault and you deliberately targeted a vulnerable person.’

Parkes, who pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent and common assault, was sent to prison for 32 months. He was also given an indefinite restraining order against his victim.

Det Con Emma Joyner said: ‘This was a nasty, cowardly attack against a woman in her 60s by Parkes, a man in his 30s.

‘I hope today’s court result will help the victim put this incident behind her, so that she is able to move on with her life.’