CPS speaks out after victim’s name revealed to physiotherapist stalker

Alan Brailsford outside Portsmouth Crown Court
Alan Brailsford outside Portsmouth Crown Court

PROSECUTORS are committed to minimising distress to victims, the Crown Prosecution Service has said after a stalking victim’s name was revealed to a perpetrator.

Alan Brailsford, 73, of Dyrden Close, Waterlooville, admitted stalking his St Mary’s physiotherapist between December and April.

He only knew her first name, but tried to get her surname.

At his Portsmouth Crown Court sentencing, it emerged her details were given when the case was in court.

Now the CPS has said people accused of a crime are entitled to know the name of their accuser and there was no court order allowing CPS Wessex to withhold the name.

Chief crown prosecutor Joanne Jakymec said: ‘Prosecutors have been reminded that privacy concerns are key concerns for victims.’

She added: ‘To minimise this risk, witness addresses are not disclosed to the defendant and will not be mentioned in court proceedings, unless they are relevant or required for evidential purposes.

‘Only in exceptional circumstances may a court allow a victim or witness not to give their name in open court.

‘In this particular case there was an obligation on the defendant not to seek to identify the name of the victim. There was no specific court order allowing the prosecution to withhold those details and the victim’s surname was mentioned during the course of a hearing.’