Creeper burglar jailed – for damaging handle

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A BURGLAR has been recalled to prison.

Robert Giles, 36, of Prince Albert Road, Southsea, was jailed for six years in 2014.

Now he has been returned to prison – for damaging a handle. City magistrates have now jailed him for seven days but as he has been recalled to prison his earliest date of release is in November, 2019.

He had damaged the handle in Portsmouth on February 21. As reported, he previously crept into people’s homes and stole sentimental jewellery.

Giles was jailed for six years after being found guilty of five burglaries, along with one count of fraud at Portsmouth Crown Court.

As reported, a precious diamond necklace and earrings with a connection to the First World War were among the goods stolen from 74-year-old Annick’s Southsea home by Giles.

The pensioner was left devastated after the items were taken.

Her house was just one of many targeted by Giles, a prolific offender who was on probation when he launched his latest spree of overnight burglaries around Southsea.

In some cases, the victims were at home when the burglaries happened, with Giles creeping around the property unheard by the occupants. He took laptops and jewellery.