Cruel raiders put headless chickens back in their cages

Alan Ginn from Gosport whose chickens are being targeted and killed by vandals. Pictures: Ian Hargreaves  (113817-3)
Alan Ginn from Gosport whose chickens are being targeted and killed by vandals. Pictures: Ian Hargreaves (113817-3)
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ANIMAL lover Alan Ginn has been left heartbroken after sick thieves snatched his chickens and cut off their heads before dumping them back in his garden.

The intruders stole nine birds and a rabbit from cages in the back garden of his home in Beryton Road, Gosport last Friday night.

Alan, 60, discovered the following morning that the animals had been taken but found three headless chickens dumped and locked back in their cages.

On Monday morning he found a further three headless chickens had been put back.

Alan, who had kept the pets for the last four years, said: ‘I’m heartbroken and completely gutted.

‘I had grown attached to them.

‘I don’t understand how anyone could have done this. I have no grievance with anyone.

‘It was devastating enough that they had been taken away from me, and then I had to see their bodies without any heads on.

‘I absolutely love animals, I keep all sorts from pigeons, cats and rabbits.

‘I haven’t got any more chickens now.

‘They laid eggs all the time which I loved using for meals.’

Alan, who recently a suffered a stroke after suffering blood cots in his brain five years ago, now fears intruders will bring back the rabbit’s corpse and come after his three others.

He said: ‘At first when I saw the bodies I thought it might have been a fox.

‘But when I saw the door shut with the lock catch over I realised someone had stole them and brought them back.

‘It will be terrible for the grandchildren if they bring back the rabbit.’

Alan’s daughter, Theresa Ginn, 38, from Hudson Close, Gosport, said: ‘I think its absolutely disgusting. My dad has just had a stroke so God help him if this makes him go downhill again.’

His mum Violet Ginn, 81, from Brougham Road, added: ‘To steal his pride and joys and then bring them back without their heads is terrible.’

Hampshire Police now want the public’s help in catching the offenders.

Spokesman Neil Miller said: ‘This is a particularly despicable act that has caused understandable upset to the owner and we are conducting an investigation into it.

‘We would ask anyone who witnessed the theft taking place, or has any information about those responsible, to get in touch as soon as possible by contacting Fareham police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.’