Cyber crime survey reveals more victims

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A SURVEY has given an insight into under-reported cyber crime.

Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner, Simon Hayes, said a survey of the south east gives a better picture of the problem,.

It found 84 per cent of 11,600 respondents experienced a form of attempted cyber crime while 15 per cent fell victims to the crime.

The survey was organised by Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, and included people in Hampshire.

Mr Hayes said: ‘Cyber Crime is vastly under reported, so this survey gives us a better picture of the real scale of these crimes.

‘My recent substantial investment, in the development of the Forensic Innovation Centre in Portsmouth and £1.5m in a specialist cyber crime Unit here in Hampshire, is putting our region at the forefront of the fight against this growing threat to both private individuals and businesses.’

It also found that 80 per cent of people considered they had a complete or good understanding of online risks.

But only eight per cent use national schemes such as CyberStreetWise or Get Safe Online. For more, see

The survey covers the south east of England.