Cyclist left with broken arm after moped riders attack him in Portsmouth

The aftermath of the moped attack
The aftermath of the moped attack
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Two moped thugs attacked a cyclist in the street.

Witnesses said the victim, in his 30s, was driven off the road by the two moped riders.

The bicycle

The bicycle

They swung their helmets at him as he was slumped on the ground, witnesses said.

It happened in Lawrence Road, Southsea, next to the junction with Chetwynd Road at about 7.30pm last night.

The attackers fled down Campbell Road on their mopeds after shouting at people nearby to get back.

The victim was left sitting on a nearby garden wall cradling his right arm before an ambulance and police officers arrived.

Paramedics were called after the cyclist sustained a broken arm

Paramedics were called after the cyclist sustained a broken arm

Joshua Higgins, 25, was riding his moped when he saw the attack unfold.

‘They were hostile to people around them, yelling at people who were witnessing it,’ he said.

‘I didn’t see how he came off the bike but from the position it looks like they ran him over.

‘They were very, very aggressive. They weren’t doing this through an argument.

‘They were doing this because they had something to get off their chest.’

Police confirmed that they were investigating a collision between a pedal cycle and a moped, in which the moped rider, and a man who had been riding a second moped, then assaulted the pedal cyclist.

They said the victim, a 34-year-old man from Portsmouth, sustained a broken arm as well as swelling and grazing.

Anyone with information can call 101 quoting 44170366754.