Cyclists urged to lock up their bikes to stop thefts

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CYCLISTS are today warned ‘lock it or lose it’ in a police crime prevention drive.

Officers are urging cyclists to step up their security in a bid to cut crime and improve bike safety in Gosport.

PC Celine Bowen, of the Gosport Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team, said: ‘The last thing you’d want at this time of the year is for your shiny new bike to go missing, especially if that can be prevented by the simple act of locking it up.

‘We are asking cyclists to “lock it or lose it” and make sure that they secure their bikes when out or by putting them away in a secure shed or garage at home.

‘In the majority of cases, poor security makes it too easy for thieves.

‘It’s also important to call us if your property is stolen or an attempt is made, even if you notice suspicious activity.

‘This information will help target our activity and identify who is responsible.’

Police urge cyclists to always ensure their bike is locked and secured and invest in a good quality D-lock.

Bikes should be secured to a fixed post in an area monitored by CCTV where possible.

Cyclists can also add details of their bikes to a property register at