Cyclists will be fined if they fail to use lights

CRACKDOWN Cyclists without lights will be stopped and fined
CRACKDOWN Cyclists without lights will be stopped and fined
M27. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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POLICE have launched an operation to keep cyclists safe this winter.

The darker mornings and evenings mean cyclists are at risk of being injured or causing accidents if they do not use lights – and they will also be breaking the law.

From this week, officers in the Chichester area will be focusing on stopping cyclists who are not using lights and speaking to them about the dangers they are causing to themselves and other road users.

Adults who are caught without lights will be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £50. However, they will be given a chance to not have to pay the fine by buying and fitting lights to their bike and bringing in proof they have done this within seven days of being stopped. If they do not do this the notice will be processed.

Young people, 17 and under, will also be stopped if they are caught riding without lights and officers who will explain to them and their parents or guardians about why they were stopped and they will be given safety advice.

PCSO Richard Moorey said: ‘This initiative is all about keeping cyclists safe and within the law. Some cyclists may not realise they are breaking the law if they don’t have working lights.’