Czech police confirm missing Fareham man Karl Law was spotted in Prague

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CZECH police have confirmed a new sighting of a man who went missing on his cousin’s stag do in Prague.

(Video shows Karl Law’s cousin Lee Cross explaining what has been done in the search so far)

FAMILY Karl Law, left, with his partner Amanda Collins

FAMILY Karl Law, left, with his partner Amanda Collins

A statement was released yesterday that said Karl Law was spotted on Monday, November 17.

Previously, the most recent sighting of him was thought to be in the early hours of Sunday morning when he spoke to a tour guide in a bar.

The statement also said the 34-year-old was looking ‘intoxicated and confused’ as he had been drinking and allegedly taking drugs.

The statement said: ‘We have information that the missing person was seen, to be specific, on November 16 at the Palacký square and a day later in the area of the National Theatre.

‘In both of the cases he allegedly showed signs of intoxication of alcohol and some confusion.’

Mr Law, from Fareham, was last seen by members of the stag party at around 11.30pm on the Saturday.

As reported, the Czech police investigation has been criticised by family members, who said they felt police were not doing enough to find the missing father-of-one.

The police deny this and claim the investigation was hindered by the group’s reluctance to tell them about the ‘alcohol, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances’ taken by Karl during the few days before he disappeared.

Police also said they could not release information to people it considered to be ‘unrelated persons’ which could be misinterpreted as being unhelpful.

The statement, issued via the Czech Embassy in London, said: ‘We strongly protest against the allegations that Prague police officers did not co-operate with the family, or did not even search for the missing person.

‘The criminal police officers of the Prague I district are doing their best to find the 34-year-old man as soon as possible.’

However family members questioned the reliability of the statement as it conflicts with information they know to be true.

His cousin Steve Stock, who is searching for Karl in Prague, said he was hopeful about the new sighting despite the statement.

Mr Stock said: ‘Karl may have wandered off over the other side of the river and not known how to get back. We have been searching everywhere and handing out leaflets, we are not giving up hope.’

He said the family had hired a private investigator and they would be speaking to a solicitor about the police statement.

He said: ‘There’s something totally wrong with the police force in this country.’