Dad-of-five fears for safety of his family after arson

DANGER Michael Trenoweth of Middle Park Way, Leigh Park, who suffered an arson attack at his home. Picture: Paul Jacobs (133648-1)
DANGER Michael Trenoweth of Middle Park Way, Leigh Park, who suffered an arson attack at his home. Picture: Paul Jacobs (133648-1)
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A DAD-OF-FIVE has told how he fears for his family’s safety following an arson attack at his home.

Michael Trenoweth’s 15-year-old son Ryan was home alone when the property in Middle Park Way, Leigh Park, was targeted.

The arsonist put a lit rag through the letterbox of the family’s home, which is near the junction of Woolston Road.

A short while later a lit carrier bag was shoved through a kitchen window.

Luckily minimal damage was caused to the property and no-one was hurt.

But now Mr Trenoweth, 46, who lives at the property with his partner and two of his children, has resorted to sleeping in the living room as he fears his family could be targeted again.

He said ‘I’m scared it’s going to happen again. We live in fear.’

He added: ‘Since we have been here we’ve had nothing but grief. We’ve been trying to move out of it.

‘We can’t afford to move.

‘We’re basically stuck here, we’re in limbo.

‘If we could sell this house and get out of here we would.’

Police believe the house and the family were deliberately targeted in the arson attack, which happened while Mr Trenoweth was out shopping.

Mr Trenoweth said: ‘The first (my son) knew was when the electric fire alarm went off in the house. He was upstairs listening to music. He heard the fire alarm. As he was coming down he saw a glimpse of orange. He saw that someone had put something through the that was on fire, through the letterbox.

‘There was a lot of smoke so he opened the kitchen window to let the smoke out.

‘While he was upstairs the person started a fire through the kitchen window.’ Mr Trenoweth added: ‘He tried to ring me. I didn’t have my phone on me. I came back and my son was stressed out and told me I was not going to be happy.

‘I had a stereo on the window sill that was plugged in at the time and that caught fire.’

Detective Constable Michael Strangeway is investigating. He said: ‘This type of offence is very rare.

‘We believe this address and its occupants were targeted specifically rather than this being a random attack.’

Anyone with information about who may be responsible for the attack, which happened between 3pm and 3.15pm on December 22, is asked to contact Det Con Strangeway at Havant police station on 101.

Alternatively call the Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.