Dad’s fury at pub where toddler was burned by glue

Rebecca Poynter
Rebecca Poynter
A police car parked outside Catherine House in Stanhope Road, Portsmouth, earlier tonight. Picture: Byron Melton

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THE father of a toddler who was left with burns on her legs after using a pub’s toilet is furious with staff for their lack of help.

Roy Poynter had taken his three-year-old daughter to use the toilet at the Vanguard pub in West Street, Fareham, during a visit to the town centre.

The 40-year-old took Rebecca into a cubicle and she complained of a ‘scratching’ sensation as she used the toilet. It was when they were back out on the street and Rebecca’s distress grew that Mr Poynter had a look and saw the blisters on her legs.

Glue is thought to have been left on the seat.

Mr Poynter, of Thatcham, Berkshire, said: ‘We had come down to Wickham for a weekend camping on the Friday night.

‘We went into Fareham on Saturday morning just to have a look around.

‘We don’t know the town and when Rebecca said she needed the toilet, the nearest one was in the Vanguard.

‘It wasn’t a very good response from the staff and I have taken it up with the owners. They didn’t offer any kind of help. It seemed there was a distinct lack of compassion for my daughter.

‘We had to go to Boots in the shopping centre to find out where the nearest hospital was.’

Rebecca was treated at Gosport War Memorial Hospital for burns caused by contact with glue and is now recovering at home.

‘Luckily it hasn’t left any physical marks,’ her dad added. ‘She hasn’t mentioned it since.’

Staff at the pub refused to comment. But a statement from the pub’s owners, the Barracuda Group, said: ‘We reiterate the appeal that was made by the police in helping to identify the irresponsible culprits who have caused trauma to this young girl and her family.

‘We are co-operating with the police on this matter and have handed all applicable evidence to assist them with their investigation.’

The incident happened shortly before midday on May 21.

Anyone with any information should contact PC Steph Wheeler at Park Gate police station on 0845 0454545.

or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.