Dad’s fury at yobs who tied up brake wire over pathway

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A DAD has told of his horror after his six-year-old daughter was caught around the neck and thrown from her bike by a wire strung across a park footpath.

Lilly Bailey-Deacon was out cycling with her grandparents Colin and Kay Deacon when she rode into the wire that had been deliberately put up.

Bradley Deacon from Leigh Park with his daughter Lilly Bailey-Deacon (six), who was injured when she was cut by a sharp wire when out on her bike.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142451-3) PPP-140819-203649003

Bradley Deacon from Leigh Park with his daughter Lilly Bailey-Deacon (six), who was injured when she was cut by a sharp wire when out on her bike.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142451-3) PPP-140819-203649003

She was left badly shaken up and with scratches and bruising to her neck after the horrific incident at Bellfield Play Area in Titchfield Common.

Dad Bradley Deacon, 29, of Rushmere Walk, Leigh Park, said he was furious when he heard.

The heating engineer, said: ‘I was livid.

‘When you get a phone call to say that your daughter has nearly been decapitated by some stupid idiot, I was livid.

‘I can’t believe that someone could do something so stupid.

‘I understand that kids play pranks but that’s dangerous. I hope they catch whoever is responsible so that it doesn’t happen again.’

Lilly said she is healing but is nervous about going on her bike.

She said: ‘It was scary. It got me by the neck and it hurt. It was actually really dangerous. It could have cut someone’s head off. It was horrible.’

Her mum Emma McSwiggan, 28, of Buriton Close, Portchester, said she was ‘out of her mind’ with worry when she heard.

Mrs McSwiggan, a nursery nurse, said: ‘I was completely shocked and then it made me angry.

‘I hope they get caught so they get the warning they need to stop something like this happening to somebody else.’

The wire, a brake cable that had been taken off a nearby child’s bicycle that had been vandalised, had been tied to a park bench and across the path and tightly tied to the railings of the play park.

Lilly had asked if she could cycle on ahead of her grandparents and, as it was an enclosed park, they agreed.

Her grandad Mr Deacon, 50, said: ‘She went off laughing and giggling. As she turned this corner I could hear tears.

‘I thought “oh God, she’s come off her bike” but no, to our horror, she had ridden into a brake cable that had been stretched across the path deliberately, in my view, with the intention to hurt someone.’

Mr Deacon said that as the sun was shining, it was difficult to see the wire.

After tending to Lilly, Mr Deacon, of Wheatlands, Titchfield Common, set about warning others using the path.

He spoke to two teenagers sitting nearby, using their phones, and they denied putting the cable across the path.

But when they heard Mr Deacon had phoned the police, they left the scene.

Mr Deacon, a gas engineer, now believes these two teenagers may hold the key to what happened and he is appealing for them to come forward, or for people to give information about who they were to police.

He said: ‘We need anyone with any information to come forward so we can bring the culprits to justice.

‘This was not a prank, it was a serious attempt to hurt someone for fun and that’s unacceptable.’

GRANDAD Colin Deacon is furious about the incident which nearly had very serious consequences for his six-year-old grandaughter.

He wants people to come forward with information so that police can catch the people who strung a wire across a footpath, which caught his grandaughter Lilly in the throat and threw her from her bicycle.

A police spokesman said they were appealing for information about the incident, which took place between 4.10pm and 4.55pm on Thursday, at the park between Wheatlands and Hertsfield, in Titchfield Common.

PC Jim Heath said: ‘I’m very keen to trace those responsible to ensure there is no repeat incident, and to make them aware of how dangerous this could’ve been.

‘I would like to appeal to anyone using the park who may have seen anyone fixing the cable in place or tampering with an abandoned purple and white child’s BMX, which has been left at the scene.

‘In particular, we would like to speak with two boys, aged around 15 or 16, who were sat in the nearby play park at the time of the incident, as they may have vital information.’

Anyone with any information is asked to contact PC Heath, at Park Gate police station by calling 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, which can be done anonymously.