Dad sobs as his daughter’s killer is guilty of murder

Victoria Arthur after she killed Nadine Burden
Victoria Arthur after she killed Nadine Burden

A DAD broke down in tears after a wheelchair-using drug addict was found guilty of killing his daughter over a £100 debt.

Jurors at Salisbury Crown Court found Victoria Arthur, 44, guilty of Nadine Burden’s murder in her Toronto Road, Portsmouth home on January 28 last year.

Nadine Burden

Nadine Burden

Arthur stormed round to Ms Burden’s home in her wheelchair armed with a knife seeking revenge over non-payment of an outstanding £100 debt to her partner Julie Palmer.

Jurors decided that Arthur, of Hope House, Milton Road, did not act in self-defence and had not suffered a loss of control or had diminished responsibility due to her personality disorder.

Arthur showed little emotion as the verdict was read out, except for a shrug of the shoulders.

Ms Burden, 36, was found slumped in a pool of blood after the frenzied attack by Arthur, which resulted in seven stab wounds including a fatal blow to the neck.

Victoria Arthur returns to her flat after the murder

Victoria Arthur returns to her flat after the murder

One neighbour heard the brutal murder taking place as Arthur chillingly said repeatedly, ‘have it’ as Ms Burden screamed for mercy.

The heroin addict, who had consumed a concoction of strong lager and drugs that evening, was then spotted by another neighbour fleeing the scene after climbing back into her wheelchair.

Arthur denied all knowledge of the incident when police arrived. She also attempted to cover up the murder by wiping the door and washing her bloodstained clothes.

Speaking after the verdict, Ms Burden’s emotional father Serge Garbou said he was relieved at the verdict after fearing the worst.

‘I’m just so relieved [Arthur] has been found guilty of murder. It’s mixed emotions – this was my daughter,’ he told The News.

‘I’ve been carrying this weight around with me for a year. It has now lifted a little and I have some closure.’

Arthur had claimed she acted in self-defence after a tussle between her and Ms Burden – something Mr Garbou admitted concerned him when waiting for the jury’s verdict.

‘I was worried she would not get found guilty of murder and might get manslaughter or even get cleared altogether,’ he said.

‘I’m just pleased they came back with the right decision.’

Mr Garbou also revealed his torment at how his daughter was unable to beat her drug addiction.

‘She came from Epsom and went to Portsmouth to get off the drugs. But look what happened,’ he said.

He said that at least his final memory of his daughter was a happy one.

‘Nadine would never ring me. But she rang me on that night [she died] which was very unusual.

‘She was so happy and jolly and we had a great chat. At least I have that.’

Arthur will now be sentenced on February 15 alongside Palmer, who pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice at an earlier hearing.