Dangerous driver sped wrong way along M275 in Portsmouth

Jake McElvenny, who led police on a chase through Portsmouth
Jake McElvenny, who led police on a chase through Portsmouth
  • Jake McElvenny damaged a table and racially abused waiter in restaurant
  • He sped off and was chased by police
  • Car ended up going wrong way round roundabout and M275
  • Two months later McEvenny got behind the wheel drunk and crashed into a parked car
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AN APPRENTICE plumber has narrowly avoided prison after going on a drink-fuelled rampage in his car.

Jake McElvenny led police on a chase through Portsmouth, which included speeding the wrong way round a roundabout and part of the M275.

The Mazda driven by Jake McElvenny that was involved in both incidents

The Mazda driven by Jake McElvenny that was involved in both incidents

Moments earlier police had been called to Aubergine Indian restaurant in Albert Road, Southsea, where 23-year-old McElvenny racially abused a member of staff and up-ended a table after falling out with his dining companions.

The incident happened at 11pm on July 7 after he and a friend met two girls in a bar and they decided to head to the restaurant.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard that his mood quickly changed and he punched the table, lifted it up and everything on it smashed.

When waiter Shamshul Khan asked him to pay for the food and damage he racially abused him.

He was not thinking straight and acted impulsively. He was in a state of heightened emotion.

Lisa Green

As police arrived they saw McElvenny drive off in his Mazda RX8 and followed him.

Close to All Saints’ Church in Commercial Road, McElvenny pulled over and a police officer got out to speak to him.

But McElvenny then sped off the wrong way around the roundabout and down Mile End Road, at the bottom of the M275, before being arrested.

In a separate incident two months later, McElvenny’s Mazda was seen being driven dangerously along Kings Terrace, Southsea, before crashing into a parked car in South Street, damaging both vehicles.

All four occupants of the Mazda fled but were stopped by police.

McElvenny refused to say who was driving but was found to have 190mg of alcohol in his blood – the legal limit is 80mg – and charged.

He later admitted all the charges against him.

Defending, Lisa Green said McElvenny had broken up with his girlfriend shortly before the July incident and his life had spiralled out of control.

She said: ‘Mr McElvenny has shown he does feel great remorse for his actions. He was not thinking straight and acted impulsively.

‘He was in a state of heightened emotion’.

Ms Green said it was the first time he had been in trouble in four years following a prison spell.

McElvenny, of London Road, North End, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, criminal damage, racially aggravated abuse, failing to give information to police and drink-driving.

He was given a 120-day prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, must pay £155 compensation to Aubergine and has been banned from driving for 18 months.

Police say young drink-driver was going ‘ridiculously fast’

JAKE McElvenny and his passengers had a lucky escape after his drink-driving bender.

Sergeant Wayne Voller, from Portsmouth Roads Policing Unit, said: ‘The driver was over twice the drink drive limit and no doubt drunk and over confident.

‘He drove ridiculously fast up Kings Terrace, lost control and hit a parked car.

‘There were four people in the Mazda; they were all extremely lucky not to be seriously injured.

‘It’s also lucky that nobody else was hurt.’