‘Dangerous’ slimming pills worth £30,000 seized in Waterloovile raid

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DANGEROUS unlicensed slimming pills worth £30,000 have been seized from an address in Waterlooville.

Enforcement officers from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency raided the property and found 23,000 doses of potentially dangerous slimming pills.

The products were marketed as ‘herbal’ or natural when they actually contained the banned pharmaceutical ingredient sibutramine.

The MHRA said sibutramine was licensed as the medicine Reductil until 2010, when it was withdrawn across Europe and the US due to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes associated with the use of the drug.

MHRA head of operations Danny Lee-Frost said: ‘The reality is that many of these pills will not be licensed medicines and therefore their contents are unknown.

‘Chances are they simply will not work but may contain dangerous ingredients. The consequences can be devastating.’

He added: The internet offers access to a vast number of websites offering a wide range of products marketed as “slimming pills” or “diet pills”.

‘Many make attractive claims and offer ‘quick-fix’ solutions. Be aware that ‘natural’ doesn’t always mean safe.’

He said people should go to their GP to get a diagnosis.