Daughter warns residents about bogus police calls in Waterlooville

THE daughter of a elderly woman who was targeted by fake police officers has warned others to be on their guard.

Monday, 11th April 2016, 6:06 am

Jan Brown’s mother (who she does not wish to name) had a knock on the door of her home in Barney Evans Crescent, Waterlooville, at 7.30pm on March 29.

She opened the door to a man and woman who brandished police badges and claimed to be plain-clothed police officers.

They said there had been reports of someone bothering her and were checking if she was okay.

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Mrs Brown, 61, from Horndean, said: ‘Fortunately she didn’t let them in and they went away.

‘It didn’t ring true to me so I phoned the police and they checked it out.

‘Apparently they had knocked on all the doors, giving people along the road a different story each time.

‘They were clearly priming the area.

‘The police officer I spoke to said there was a spate of these last year where they worked out who was vulnerable and then others went back and targeted them.

‘What I find amazing is I was the only one out of the whole road who found it suspicious.

‘I think this is a massive threat to old people like my mum who is 84.’

Police have confirmed to Mrs Brown they did not attend her mother’s address and said they would never make a house call in plain clothes.

Mrs Brown has now bought her mother a range of security devices, including CCTV, in case the fraudsters come back.

She said: ‘What worries me is that other vulnerable elderly people will not be as cautious as my mother.

‘They were not wearing a uniform and drove off in a grey car – not a police vehicle.

‘And it happened at 7.30pm at night.

‘All those things together made me very suspicious.’

Police confirmed they have not recorded the incident as a crime but are looking into the matter.

It is being treated as a suspicious incident.

They also confirmed Mrs Brown’s was the only report they had received.

Mrs Brown said she would advise people to be on their guard and install extra security devices.

Anyone who is concerned about cold callers should never let them in and call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.