Dealer caught with heroin escapes prison sentence

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A DEALER caught after he concealed dozens of wraps of heroin has been spared jail.

Wesley Brown, 21, was caught when police became aware of drug dealing taking place in Southsea.

Another man was seen coming out of an address in Alhambra Road, Southsea, dealing in Granada Road and then returning to the property.

But when police knocked on the door of the Alhambra Road home it was Brown who answered and officers could smell cannabis.

During a search police found £320 cash in Brown’s room.

Matthew Lawson, prosecuting at Portsmouth Crown Court, said: ‘Mr Brown, having been arrested, was asked if he had any drugs concealed on him and at Queen Alexandra Hospital he admitted he had some drugs concealed in his rectum.

‘An X-ray showed this to be the case. They were later passed and it was 38 wraps of heroin.’

The court heard the wraps contained a total of 5.5g of the drug.

Terence Brooks, defending, said Brown turned to dealing when he was approached after losing his job.

Mr Brooks said: ‘His problem arises because he lost his employment in July and wasn’t receiving Jobseekers’ Allowance.

‘He was approached to come to Portsmouth to bring the wraps, to remain in Portsmouth for a couple of weeks.

‘In essence, he’s boosting the supply in another man’s flat.

‘His job as hired hand is to deliver the drugs, take back the cash when the drugs has been dispensed and his financial advantage is to receive £400 a week for that limited function.’

Brown, originally of Leytonstone, London, who has no previous convictions, admitted possessing heroin with intent to supply and also possessing cannabis.

He was sentenced to two years in jail suspended for two years, ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work and spend 36 hours at an attendance centre.

Addressing Brown, Judge Linda Sullivan QC, sentencing, said: ‘You accept that you became involved in the dealing of class A drugs by reason of your lack of money and you candidly accept that you did it for financial gain.

‘You clearly were street dealing.’