Dementia sufferer kicked repeatedly in ‘brutal’ attack

  • Teenager believed victim had hurt his mother
  • Jarvis Rae kicked dementia sufferer repeatedly
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A TEENAGER who headbutted and then kicked a vulnerable man with dementia has been jailed by a judge.

Horrified shoppers watched as Jarvis Rae pushed Simon Gawley to the ground outside Spar in Queen Street, Portsea.

One of the public virtually has a fight with you. You come back and you come back again

Recorder Michael Parroy QC

Rae headbutted Mr Gawley inside the shop and as the victim left Rae chased him knocking him to the floor and carried out the attack.

CCTV played at Portsmouth Crown Court showed Rae, 18, of Walmer Road, Fratton, kick the man who was on the ground.

Onlookers stepped in and at one point a man had to physically hold back and then fight Rae to protect the victim.

The court heard Rae believed the man had previously attacked his mother.

Prosecutor Tom Wilkins said: ‘There are kicks to Gawley whilst he’s on the ground, he appears to punch Gawley.

‘Bystanders push Rae back from Gawley, Rae goes and kicks Gawley whilst he’s on the floor with his left foot.

‘We see Gawley kicked to the face and he just remains motionless on his back.’

On the CCTV two men lift Mr Gawley to his feet and try to move him from the area.

The footage shows Rae leaving but repeatedly coming back and kicking Mr Gawley during the six-minute ordeal.

The victim suffered grazing to his chin, cuts to the right side of his nose, bruising to his right eye, grazes to the left side of his head and back, and bruising to the top of his right hand below his thumb and grazes to his left hand.

But in police interview Rae told officers: ‘I’m happy with what I’ve done.’

Jailing Rae for eight months, Recorder Michael Parroy QC said the attack was brutal. He added: ‘It was a blessing that he was only as injured as much as he was.’

He said a number of people came to the victim’s aid, adding: ‘One of them virtually has a fight with you. You come back and you come back again.’

The court heard Mr Gawley suffers from a severe form of Korsakoff’s Syndrome, an alcohol-related dementia. He also has brain injuries and a poor memory related to the medical condition.

Howard Barrington-Clark, defending Rae, said: ‘He’s a young man of essentially good character and was remorseful over the attack.’

Rae had pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm at an earlier hearing.