‘Despicable’ carer stole £9,000 from elderly war veteran

Beverley Davis
Beverley Davis
  • Carer stole nearly £9,00 from D-Day veteran she helped look after
  • The 89-year-old died five months after trusted friend’s crime was uncovered
  • Mum-of-three told police her victim was confused and a drinker
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THE mother of an 18-week old baby boy has been jailed for a year after conning a D-Day veteran out of thousands.

Cruel Beverley Davis was supposed to be helping 89-year-old former Royal Marine Ray Warren when she agreed to help care for him.

But the mum-of-three tricked him into handing over his bank cards and stole £9,164 over 42 transactions, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Mr Warren, of Priorsdean Crescent, Havant, was so devastated by her abuse of trust he lay in bed worrying about money at night and stopped going out.

He died just five months after her crime was discovered and his daughter Elaine Symonds said Davis – who told police her victim was confused and a drinker – got what she deserved.

Mrs Symonds told The News: ‘He just gave up on life, he just couldn’t believe someone would do this to him.

‘She robbed me of my dad. He stopped going out, he was so scared.

‘I’ll never be able to forgive her – she needs to realise she can’t do this to people.’

Mrs Symonds, 58, of Norwich, said she felt she can now move on after Davis, 35, was jailed by a judge. The court heard her children will now be looked after by family.

Davis – who wept throughout the court hearing – had won Mr Warren’s trust after helping him with shopping and providing care on an informal basis.

Prosecutor Martyn Booth said he had previously even lent her £6,000 – which she never paid back, instead accepting £30 a week from Mr Warren for helping around the house.

Mr Booth said: ‘He had the usual struggles of people of that age.

‘Because of that he relied quite heavily on neighbours and friends to assist him in his day-to-day routines.

‘This defendant also began to help in a small way and would do his shopping.’

He added she provided care for Mr Warren in a ‘loose sense’.

Mr Warren only discovered something was amiss when Santander contacted him to say he had insufficient funds in his account for items he tried to buy.

He expected to have around £6,000 in the account and was immediately suspicious of Davis.

A number of the transactions she paid to Paypal were in the name of her children, and to a family centre.

Elaine and he then went through his account and another Barclays account and discovered cash had been spent on Amazon and eBay.

In total Davis made 42 transactions from both accounts between December 19, 2013 and February 10, 2014.

Davis, of Parkhouse Farm Way, Havant, had duped Mr Warren into handing over his cards by saying the bank needed to see them.

When questioned by police she said her vulnerable victim was confused and a drinker.

Mr Booth said she changed her story in four interviews, adding: ‘She changed her position saying she knew nothing about these things.

‘She then said she had used some of the card details from Mr Warren and it must have been done by mistake.

‘She suggested that he gave her permission to buy some of these things.

‘She said he must have been confused and he was a drinker.’

The truth was that Mr Warren was described by his GP as being of sound mind and was lucid despite his age.

Mr Booth added: ‘He was somebody who was competent and that’s something that’s a view shared by the police who investigated these events.’

Davis’ scam went on undetected between December 19 in 2013 when she asked for the cards, to February 20 last year before she was arrested in March.

It was only when police investigated they uncovered a second scam where Davis spent £1,046 using card details from a customer at the Robert Dyas shop she worked at.

Victim Tanya Saliba, of Farringdon Road, Havant, said she spotted the cash was missing and thought she had not been paid.

The 46-year-old nurse added she agreed with the judge’s sentence.

‘If she had done it the once, perhaps – but she didn’t, she did it to a vulnerable old man too.’

‘She knew what she was doing.’

Davis spent cash on Chinese takeaways, Amazon, eBay, children’s nursery fees, insurance and on mortgage arrears payments.

She admitted five charges of fraud at magistrates’ court in February and will be released on licence after six months.