Detective in Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies baby death case says couple had many chances to be honest with officers

A police officer who led the probe into the tragic death of 24-day-old Stanley Davis says that his mother and her partner says that couple ‘had the opportunity to tell the truth’

Det Chief Insp Fiona Bitters was speaking outside Winchester Crown Court, where the couple were today jailed for 10 years each for causing or allowing the death of the infant. 

Samuel Davies and ex-partner Roxanne Davis 'Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

Samuel Davies and ex-partner Roxanne Davis 'Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

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Det Chief Insp Bitters said: ‘We arrested them when Stanley was first taken to hospital - they had many times to be honest with us and tell us what happened to him.

‘We were unable to prove who was responsible and couldn’t charge either with murder and so ended up having to charge them with causing or allowing Stanley’s death.

‘Maybe that would have been different if Roxanne’s response had been different at the beginning, if indeed she is telling the truth (that she was not responsible).

Stanley Davis'Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

Stanley Davis'Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

‘She had the opportunity to tell us but she didn’t.’

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Speaking of the sentence, she added: ‘Many people will feel it should have been murder but we are guided by the law and think we charged them with the  right offence.

‘I think the sentence reflects the serious nature and tragedy of case.’

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Det Chief Insp Bitters added: ‘The extent of his injuries at such a young age were truly shocking, no child should have to suffer in the way that he did. Stanley was found to have sustained 32 fractures to his ribs, nine fractures to the bones in his arms and legs, and an 8cm skull fracture which was the fatal injury.

‘These fractures appear to have been sustained on three separate occasions. A difficult decision was taken by the medical team treating him at Southampton General Hospital that his life support machines would be turned off when he was just three weeks old due to the nature of his injuries. Sadly he later died.’