Detectives release e-fit of burglar caught ‘living’ in Portchester home

The man wanted for the burglary in Portchester
The man wanted for the burglary in Portchester
  • Detectives hunting burglar who fled after being confronted
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THIS e-fit has been released by detectives hunting a burglar caught ‘living’ in a home.

It comes as a neighbour checking a home in Castle Street, Portchester, was confronted with a topless male man in his early 20s.

Homeowner Brigette Cowan, 52, previously told The News how her friend discovered the man who claimed he was called Jamie Dumper.

The surname was actually that of Joy Dumper, 82, who died in November and used to live in the house.

He then ran off leaving the house in a state, with crumpled sheets in the dead woman’s former bed, open food packets open in the kitchen and a broken window.

Royal Doulton Spitfire plates were also taken, along with collectible six Steiff teddy bears made for special occasions worth around £200 each, were among items taken.

Call police on 101.