Devastated dog owner tells of ‘rat poisoning’ death in stark warning

Steve and Jamie Jewell with their other Cocker Spaniel Lady Picture: Keith Woodland
Steve and Jamie Jewell with their other Cocker Spaniel Lady Picture: Keith Woodland
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A DEVASTATED dog owner is warning others after his beloved cocker spaniel died from rat poison.

Jamie Jewell had walked eight-month-old Mimi at King George V Playing Fields in Cosham when the animal was unwell.

Blood poured from the young dog’s nose after she became lethargic.

Jamie, 31, of Medina Road, Cosham, rushed to get help and his pet was seen at Downland Veterinary Group in Emsworth.

They revealed Mimi had suffered after eating rat poison. She died after battling the poison.

Heartbroken Jamie believes someone has purposely placed poison on the field. ‘It’s someone playing games and it’s a sick game,’ he said.

‘They’re sick, who would do this?

‘If a child picked that up, who knows what could happen.

‘We reported it to the police, that’s as far as it has gone.’

He also says Portsmouth City Council said it was unable to help.

‘You get a warden checking if you don’t pick up your dog’s mess, they should have someone checking the field,’ he said. Jamie had Mimi insured but the vet bill came to around £2,000.

He added: ‘I want to get it out there that dog owners should be careful.

‘I found she was quite lethargic on January 22 and had blood coming from her nose. I took her to the vets, she was put under tests and blood test.

‘We even went as far as having a blood transfusion.

‘She suffered, she went through a hell of a lot.

‘She was only eight months old, she should never have had to go through that.’

He and husband Steve Jewell, 46, are concerned they may now have to use a muzzle for their other dog.

‘To me a muzzle is for dangerous dogs, not because you’re scared of them getting poisoned,’ Jamie said.

Documents from the vet confirm Mimi died of poisoning.

A police spokeswoman said: ‘No criminal offences were identified.

‘The matter has been filed pending any further information.

‘If anyone has any information please contact 101, quoting 44170050065.’