‘Disgusting’ thief stole charity money from Gosport fountain

The man pictured at the fountain
The man pictured at the fountain
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  • Thief who stole charity money from fountain has been called ‘disgusting’
  • Police are investigating the incident which happened over the weekend
  • The money is donated to the mayor’s chosen charities of the year
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A THIEF has been caught on camera stealing charity money from a fountain.

Police are investigating after he was seen taking coins from the water feature, in Ferry Gardens, near Gosport Ferry terminal.

A man was caught on camera taking cash from the fountain near Gosport ferry

A man was caught on camera taking cash from the fountain near Gosport ferry

Cash in the fountain is collected by the council and donated to the mayor of Gosport’s chosen charities.

This year, Councillor Keith Farr picked the Gosport branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and other small organisations.

Visitors to the fountain have condemned the thief who was seen taking the money and then cashing it in at Asda in the town centre.

Craig Potts, from Alverstoke, said he could not believe someone would steal from the fountain.

I always put money in there because it goes to such a good cause.

Berly Cantel

He said: ‘It is disgusting that someone would stoop that low.

‘That money goes to a good cause and I often see the council come to collect it.

‘I am glad the police are investigating such a wrong act.

‘Most of the time it is just pennies in there but that isn’t the point. People make those donations in good faith.’

Charlotte Bryan visits the fountain regularly with her daughter who throws a coin in there to make a wish.

The 31-year-old said: ‘It is wrong.

‘I see children throwing pennies in there all the time which is nice for them.

‘My daughter loves coming here and making a wish.

‘Stealing is wrong anyway but stealing from charity is even worse.

‘The money goes towards people who need it and to take that away is just wrong.’

Money used to be donated through the fountain by people inserting 20p which would adjust the water coming out of the fountain to make it higher.

This money was donated to the Gosport Rotary Club. But this changed a few years ago and money is donated by people putting it in the fountain.

Beryl Cantel, from Leesland, visits the fountain twice a day.

She said: ‘I always put money in there because it goes to such a good cause.

‘Who knows their reasons for taking it but it is disgraceful. It is just awful someone would do that.’

Police have confirmed they are investigating the theft.

A spokesman said: ‘Just after 6pm on May 31 we received a report of a man seen to be stealing money from the fountain at the Ferry Gardens.

‘It is under investigation.’

Anyone with information should call 101 quoting 44150183396.