DJ speakers worth thousands are stolen in Petersfield

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MUSIC equipment worth more than £2,000 has been snatched by thieves.

The DJ equipment was being stored in a van in Nelson Drive, Petersfield, when thieves broke into the vehicle.

The stolen items include an ALTO Pro mixer, and ALTO Pro speakers.

PC James Street, from Petersfield police station, said: ‘At least two people would have been involved in the theft due to the quantity and size of the property stolen. Some of the items would have needed two people to carry them and the offenders would have needed to use a vehicle to move them from the scene.

‘It is likely that someone would have seen the offenders removing the items from the van.

‘Have you seen anyone loading or unloading DJ equipment in the last week or do you know of anyone trying to sell any equipment?

‘If you have any information please get in touch with us as soon as possible and help us locate those responsible.’

The equipment was stolen some time between 7pm on Christmas Day and 8am on December 27.

Anyone with any information should contact police PC Street on 101.