DNA database hope in search for missing girl

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OFFICERS investigating the disappearance of toddler Katrice Lee are searching thousands of medical databases in Europe for a DNA match.

Katrice’s dad, Richard Lee has been told advances in DNA and genetics means investigators are using the latest technology in a bid to find his daughter, who vanished from a German supermarket 32 years ago.

The 62-year-old was paid a visit by the Royal Military Police (RMP), who are investigating the case, and was told experts have been able to come up with a ‘DNA genetic marker’ by using tissue from Richard, along with Katrice’s mum Sharon and sister Natasha, of Gosport.

Now the marker is being compared to medical records containing DNA belonging to people from countries in Europe, such as those with criminal records, or who have had surgery.

Richard said: ‘They’re trawling these databases hoping that a marker matches.

‘Unfortunately it’s not everybody in Europe that’s going to be on the database, only those that have had their DNA recorded, but from little acorns great oak trees grow.

‘We are moving in the right direction and things are nudging forward slowly.’