Dog leaps up and clamps jaws on to two-year-old’s face in Gosport park

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I THOUGHT it was going to kill her – these are the words of a mum who feared for her daughter’s life after the two-year-old was attacked by a dog.

Clare Hunter was in Bridgemary Park, Gosport, when a dog off its lead launched itself at young Kayla and clamped on to her face.

GETTING BETTER The swelling on Kayla-Mai Young's face is going down after she was bitten by a dog. Inset, after the attack

GETTING BETTER The swelling on Kayla-Mai Young's face is going down after she was bitten by a dog. Inset, after the attack

She said: ‘Kayla walked up to the dog and I was walking behind her and it latched itself on to her cheek.’

The 26-year-old immediately grabbed the dog, which she says was a breed of terrier.

She added: ‘I thought it was going to kill her. It was only a couple of seconds and I managed to get it off. I was incredibly angry, I thought I would kill it,’ she added. ‘I went into shock.’

The mother-of-three said the owner was walking the dog up and down a slide in the park before the attack happened.

Clare, already distressed, was shocked when the owner went to leave and even threatened to call the police if she followed her.

‘She didn’t even care, she picked up her dog and told me that I should keep my children under control,’ said Clare.

‘I asked her for her address and she just swore at me.

‘I was going to follow her after that but Kayla was bleeding so I couldn’t.’

Clare’s partner’s mother is first aid trained and lives nearby so she immediately rushed Kayla there to get her cleaned up and have the wounds checked.

The toddler was taken to Gosport’s War Memorial Hospital where doctors put her on antibiotics.

She is now recovering from the attack, which left her with bruising and puncture marks, which were still painful after a week of healing.

The attack, which occurred at 1pm on Monday, March 30, has had a lasting effect on Kayla.

She now cries and screams whenever she sees a dog or goes past a park.

Clare, of Rogers Close, Gosport, says she is determined to find the owner who refused to give her details and left Kayla in such a state.

‘I’m incredibly angry, she should come forward,’ she said.

‘I will sit at the park every day until I see her so I can take a photo so it’s best if she just comes forward now. One day she will get caught.’

Police confirmed that they are treating the attack as assault and that an investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

They are appealing for anyone with information to come forward by contacting them on 101 and quoting crime reference number 44150107118.