Dog owner tells of anger after terrier attacks her in park

RECOVERING Kathryn Brooks with her dog Dextor.    Picture: Sarah Standing (110547-2944)
RECOVERING Kathryn Brooks with her dog Dextor. Picture: Sarah Standing (110547-2944)
Swansea City Centre. Credit: Wiki Commons (Labelled for reuse)

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THE victim of a vicious dog attack has spoken about the lasting impact it has had on her and her pet.

Kathryn Brooks was walking her black labrador, Dextor, at Coldeast Park in Park Gate when a Staffordshire bull terrier came tearing across the park and grabbed the throat of her dog.

As Miss Brooks, 46, tried to pull the Staffie, named Alfie, off Dextor, she too was badly bitten on the hand.

The teaching assistant, from Coldeast, said: ‘This was the second time it had attacked my dog. I hadn’t reported it the first time but I had spoken to the owner and she said she would keep it on a lead in future.

‘On this second occasion it ran straight over, and it went straight for Dextor’s throat.’

Dextor was left with deep cuts to his neck.

Alfie’s owner Jocelyn Marriott, 55, of Beacon Way, Park Gate, pleaded guilty to one count of allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place during the incident last April.

In a sentencing hearing at Portsmouth Crown Court, she was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £200 compensation to cover Miss Brooks’ vet bill.

The terrier must now wear a muzzle whenever it is in a public place.

Miss Brooks added: ‘When I heard the court verdict, it made me feel like Dextor and I didn’t matter. After the attack I was in hospital for four days. I had an operation under general anaesthetic to look at the potential nerve damage and then I was pumped full of antibiotics for the next two days.

‘While I was in there I hoped the dog had been put down as I assumed that was normal but when I came out of the hospital the police told me it was still with its owner.’

Ten months later Miss Brooks still hasn’t regained full feeling in her hand and it becomes painful in cold weather.

She said: ‘I feel apprehensive about seeing that dog again because we do live close to each other, and I have changed the times I go down there to try and avoid them, but I shouldn’t have to.

‘Dextor seems much more defensive when he’s with other dogs and until he knows them whereas before he was ok with other dogs and would go up to them without hesitation.’