Drink-driver caught in Portsmouth Naval Base on way to alcohol treatment

STOPPED Kenneth Furie was pulled over in Portsmouth Naval Base
STOPPED Kenneth Furie was pulled over in Portsmouth Naval Base
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A MAN was caught drink-driving at Portsmouth Naval Base on his way to his first alcohol counselling session.

Kenneth Furie who served in the armed forces, was more than twice the legal alcohol limit when he was stopped by guards at 9am who alerted police.

Now the 54-year-old has been banned from driving for two years at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

Addressing district judge Anne Arnold, Furie, who represented himself, said: ‘I feel stupid.

‘I’m big enough and certainly ugly enough to have realised that there was a certain level of alcohol, a high level of alcohol in my blood.

‘The loss of licence, which is inevitable, I know, will result in me being less deployable as such in the UK.’

He added: ‘I will have to take that, as I am taking everything else, on the chin. I’m seeking help.’

Furie is the latest drink-driver to be sentenced during Hampshire police’s crackdown on the crime.

Hampshire police arrested 196 people on suspicion of drink-driving between December 1 and 29 – up from 174 arrests in the same period last year. The oldest person arrested was 82 while the youngest was 17.

Furie pleaded guilty to driving while above the legal alcohol limit when he was caught out on December 11.

It is not clear whether he is still a serving member of the armed forces.

A test revealed his breath contained 94 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres. The legal limit is 35mg.

Speaking on his behalf,in court, staff sergeant Andrew Gayden said Furie had served 25 years of “exemplary service”.

He added: ‘Mitigating circumstances slightly – there is no excuse for what he did – but previous to this, he had approached me for help with an alcohol problem for which we have got him enrolled on a counselling scheme through the military, which I’m sure, ironically, he was on the way to when he got pulled.’

Furie, of Whale Island, Portsmouth, was fined £750, £85 in costs and £75 to a fund for victims of crime. His ban could be reduced by six months if he completes a driving course by April 2015.