Drink-driving former TV star Emily Corrie was ‘an accident waiting to happen’

Emily Corrie, 36, from Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, who has been jailed
Emily Corrie, 36, from Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, who has been jailed
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WILL I be out in time for my hen do?

That was the question shamed former TV star Emily Corrie asked police when locked up after her danger driving.

PC Chris Powling, an experienced roads policing officer of 26 years, was first on the scene.

He said: ‘When I started talking to her she woke and came round.

‘The car smelt. From my experience I knew she’d burnt the clutch out because she was so drunk.’

PC Powling moved her to his car while a colleague managed traffic – which had backed up along the A3(M).

Corries, who has been jailed for drink-driving, fell asleep in the back of the police car before he asked her to do a roadside breath test where she was 4.5 times the limit.

He added: ‘A lot of people would be unconscious at that.’

She was taken into custody and asked police about her hen do.

PC Powling said: ‘The bizarrest thing was when we were booking her into custody at Waterlooville, she said “will I be out by three o’clock this afternoon?”

‘She said “I’ve got my hen do” – her hen do was the next day.’

He added: ‘She was quite obviously an accident waiting to happen.

‘But it wasn’t just for her, it was everybody else.

‘Hampshire Roads Policing Unit won’t tolerate people who drive impaired through drink or drugs and if they do take that risk we’ll be pushing for the full force of the law to get them off our roads.’